Flavors and perfumes from around the world in a place that brings a new food and drink experience to the center of Athens. A food court where street food is the central theme, while the rhythms, images and sounds of the city will pass through it.

Food is not the only reason why you will come to Str.Eaters! You will come to the pop up stores that will be set up at regular intervals for musical and special events for the creative workshops that will be held during the year in the specially designed area of ​​Str.Eaters!

Relax with us, choose one of the eight food stands with different street food suggestions and travel to a new and unique entertainment and dining experience in the city center. Come to discover the world of Str.Eaters!

Phone: 210 33 144 20

Events: 6980 777 062

AddressKaritsi 7, Athens 105 61

Email: [email protected]