The way to the Crazy Coop is … crazy! The main ingredient here is chicken and duck: from crispy chicken strips and Mexican tortillas with chicken to the Chinese bao with duck, a stop at this station can’t be helped!

1. U. S. A. Chicken Strips 6€

Crispy chicken bites.

*With Smokey Mayo and BBQ sauces.

2. American Chicken Burger & Chips 7.5€

Crispy chicken breast, pickles, coleslaw salad, served with American Chips.

3. Mexican Chicken Tortilla 6€

Juicy chicken filet, Pico de Gallo, guacamole cream and sour cream, in a tortilla.


4. Thai Satay 6€

Marinated chicken filet on stick, with aromatic steamed rice and satay sauce (3pcs).

5. French Burger 8€

Duck with blue cheese, green vegetables mix salad, truffle honey, in a brioche bread.

6. Chinese Bao Bun 8€

Duck with prune sauce, cucumber, carrot, in a steamed Bao bun (2pcs).