Egg-friendly dishes from all over Europe for breakfast or brunch and – why not? – for a bit later. Choose between the English breakfast with the “English Choice”, our French nomination, the “French Pinch”, or the “Italian Style”.  Whatever your choice, it will make your day!

1. Greek Pleasure 5€

Fried eggs with tomato, feta cheese, mix green salad and sausage.

2. The English Choice 5€

Two fried eggs with toasted bread, sausage, bacon, green vegetables mix salad (optionally with beans).

3. Sweden Pinch 6€

Two poached eggs, spinach and mushrooms variety with cream cheese sauce, on toasted bread (optionally with smoked salmon candies).


4. Breakfast Pizza 7€

Two fried eggs, sauté spinach,prosciutto and mozzarella.

5. France Omelette 5€

Classic omelet with cherry tomatoes sauté and green vegetables mix salad on toasted bread.