Fish and seafood that include dishes like the classic Fish n’ Chips, Scandinavian dishes and Asian specialties.

1. British Fish ΄n΄ Chips 6€

Fried cod in beer batter, with French fries and garlic mayo.

2. Salmon Hawaiian Poke 8€

Marinated salmon cubes, with sushi rice and avocado cream, cucumber, horseradish, wakame, tobiko, nori and black sesame.

3. Scandinavian Burger 8€

Roasted fresh salmon filet with green salad, pickle cucumber and smokey yogurt sauce in burger bread.


4. Asian Shrimp Bao Ban 6€

Tempura shrimps in steamed Bao bun, with cucumber, chives and sweet chili sauce (2pcs).

5. Thailand Rice Balls 6€

Crispy rice balls with shrimp filling, accompanied by sweet and sour sauce.