Wine could not be out of the menu! In our list you will find wines from small producers and larger wineries and we emphasize on the gifted local varietals that pair nicely with our dishes. Do you prefer dry wines? Do you like a full-bodied wine? Perhaps a bubble-lover? Our Wine Station has everything for you!


1. Rizitis Vilana Bottle 15€

2. Ktima Avantis Bottle 22€

3. Ampelou Idea Malagouzia Bottle 26€


1. Ερυθρα Μπλε Τρακτερ Κυρ Γιαννη Φιαλη 27€

2. Μικρη Αρκουδα Φιαλη 25€

3. Φτερη Φιαλη 22€


1. Limnionas Bottle 29€

2. Paranga Ksinomavro Bottle 22€

3. Faros Grenache Rouge Bottle 21€

4. Glika Melitis Bottle 30€


1. Leggenda Moscato d’asti 25€

2. Bianco Nero Small Bottle 5€